The Power of Vulnerability

This video speaks to the power of vulnerability. Vulnerability is the core of shame, fear and struggle for worthiness — but it is also the birthplace of joy, creativity, belonging and love.


Some of the greatest turning points in your relationship with God might just happen when you get vulnerable with him.

Vulnerability is hard, but being vulnerable with God is safe.
“The Power of Vulnerability” was the most popular TedTalk in the world for years, and is still in the top five. Brené Brown is a researcher, and one of her main topics is Vulnerability. In this video she talks about the necessity of vulnerability, how we let ourselves be seen, love with our whole hearts, practice gratitude and lean into joy and how to believe you are enough.

We can be vulnerable with God because he is big enough to take it; he is trustworthy (even in the pain), he is good and he is for us; he desires for us to ask him for what we need — peace, healing, joy, etc. — and he longs to give good gifts to his children.
We also have the freedom to be vulnerable with others because our identity doesn’t lie in anything we’ve done, anything we’ve experienced, any lie we’ve believed, or any insecurity we’ve ever felt. Our identity as a follower of Christ rests secure in the palm of our savior: our identity is in being his beloved, his son or his daughter. Simply: being his.
We belong with him:
The more we are vulnerable in our relationships with God, when all our hope is in Jesus, when we trust our belonging with him and let his perfect love cast out fear – The more we can be vulnerable with others. Because as we grow in intimacy with our father, and continually receive his acceptance, and love — then we can share with others because it’s not coming from a place of wanting to receive from someone else to fill a “need”  – it is coming from a place of simply wanting to share in relationship. 
With God, you truly can: Let yourself be seen. Love with your whole heart. Practice gratitude, lean into joy. Believe you are enough.

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