March 2018 Missions Highlight

Unifying people through music and mobilizing people into mission is our goal for Beautiful Mess Ministries. Each month we hold a REFUGE worship night and after every event there is an opportunity to volunteer, serve, and do some sort of missions project in the local community.

In March, with the guidance of our missions leader Beth Jordan, we had an amazing team mobilized into mission within Syracuse, NY.  We partnered with the Samaritan Center to feed the homeless in Syracuse on Good Friday.  Our amazing missions leader Beth gaves us this word on her experience:

We spent the next two hours doing God’s work. At the end of our time, in lieu of a prayer, we shared what we did, who we met and something that made our time there just a bit more special. Some of us served hot meals, sharing a smile and light conversation, others worked in the background, prepping and preparing the next day’s breakfast or making more PBJ sandwiches than I could even guess. Even others worked to clean the dining room so that those who came to eat felt comfortable and could be in a welcoming space.  All in all, the day was a success and the 10 of us that took the time from our busy schedules to do something for someone else can’t wait for when the next opportunity to serve comes our way.


For more missions opportunities visit our REFUGE page here.



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