Worship moments never to be seen again.

“I want it to sound like it did that day,”  I told the producer Gabe Wilson as we started on the journey of crafting our songs for our upcoming EP.  We worked hard to write an amazing worship song – the one you’ve heard before – a catchy and easy chorus that builds into an epic encounter between you and God.  We (the Christian music industry) have been at this sound for a few years now and now all sorts of Christian artists seek to see that moment again and again.

It was a powerful moment when we sang our original song “You Are Love” during a REFUGE night and the crowd sang it over the band – it was that moment I wanted to capture and put into our song and production.  The look on Gabe’s face was not what I was expected as he proceeded to say: “God hates altars, whenever we would try to build him one, like Peter on the mountain of transfiguration, Christ always moved us forward.  The song is always about the melody and lyrics and it’s speaking into something different, let’s build it now.”

An altar always symbolized God’s presence, a place where his spirit dwelled according to the Old Testament, yet when Christ died and made access between humanity and God, his presence now lives within us – not in an altar.  So when Jesus instructed Peter to move forward and away from an altar – he was calling him into the everyday, walking-around life where God was moving with grace, peace, and love.  God has always longed for us to have more than an altar, He longs for us to have life in Him. So when I wanted to build an altar at this powerful worship moment, Gabe challenged me to see where the true meaning was found.

I can’t wait for you all to hear our songs and the sounds we’ve created to tell you stories of how God has impacted my life and hopefully can impact yours.  God bless.

See us play our songs live by clicking here.




Thanks to Megan Nicole Photography for the photos. View her work and website here:  megannicolephoto.com

2 thoughts on “Worship moments never to be seen again.

  1. Carol Doucette says:

    It’s always a challenge as a worship leader to let go and let God take over. We get fixed on hitting every note correctly and blending harmonies and such. The moments when God enters in can’t be manufactured or rehearsed. Insightful article, Tim. Thank you fir sharing. I can’t wait to hear what you have created. ~ Carol D

    • tim says:

      Thanks Carol!! You’re so right – it’s a part of our nature unfortunately, I believe. I like to think prep first and a lot before you play so that way when you’re in the moment – you’re free to let it go. You rock Carol! thanks for reading.

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