Be The Change: A day of music and mission in Syracuse

Be The Change is a day of music and mission in June which will offer people seven different service opportunities to partake in around the city of Syracuse.
The event is taking place “because there is a problem we’re trying to solve  –  there is a disconnect between the hurting world and a comfortable church and we desire for all to know the goodness of God and to be the light of the world. So we want people to be mobilized and to experience God,” said Tim Ehrhart, the Creative Director of Beautiful Mess Ministries.
The second annual Be The Change event is taking place in Syracuse in just over five weeks, and we at Beautiful Mess Ministries want to invite each of you into this mobilization effort because we believe there is a “call for something greater for your life,” Tim said.
“The missions projects are a vehicle to something greater,” Tim said, “service and missions can open up yourself to a greater purpose of living for God and others.”
The service opportunities range from being able to serve individuals experiencing homelessness, building relationships with veterans in our community, participating in a painting party with individuals affected by disability, and so much more  –  additional relationship building events, construction projects and other opportunities will be taking place throughout the day as well.  More information can be found at:

The event “is a start, ideally it’s an eye-opener for everybody,” Tim said. “The world is hurting and I believe christians have the answer to the hurting world.”
Beautiful Mess Ministries hosts this event to help people with the desire to serve become aware of, and intercept, the needs in the communities we live in. We hope this one day event opens peoples’ eyes and mobilizes them to pick up their cross and love the city as much as Christ loves them.
Tim said his hope is also that people who get to participate will grow in their heart more of a burden to compassionately, and wholly, love Syracuse. Ideally the projects might inspire people to engage in more missional-minded lifestyles, ideally with continued involvement with the organizations Be The Change partners with.
Following the day of service on June 9 will be a time of worship in the evening, where volunteers from all the different sites will come together in unity and praise to celebrate the work God is doing in the city.
Additional testimonial videos from last year’s service event:

To view all the service opportunities and to sign up, click here.

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