New EP Releases August 3rd


Join in excitement with us as we announce our EP release date: August 3rd!  We’ve worked on these songs over the past year or so and we’ve put a lot into them.  These songs hold a lot of meaning and a wide range of topics from surrender to calls to action.  I especially love the title of our album “Love all Consuming.”  This idea came to mind as I saw this image of the earth being wiped away, similar to the image shown on the album cover.  When you think of the Earth as a person, holding memories, experiencing things and carrying things; I think of how it has a sad history unfortunately.  All of the death, war, hurt that this Earth has seen.  Yet as I saw this image I had this crazy sense of peace and hope as I saw it being wiped away, that as it was being wiped away, it wasn’t the end.

A line in our second pre-chorus says “Earth is soaks in yesterday, washing all the pain, heaven turns the page.”  We have a hope that goes beyond this existence that provides peace for us in life after as well as our day to day struggles, that in the end, there’s this supernatural healing as the earth fades away with all it’s hurt, pain and trial and a new page gets turned in history where love reigns.  I find great comfort in this thought in my day to day, because of my relationship with Jesus and knowing his healing power, he won’t have death or pain have the last word on humanity.  These trials that I face today and that we see around us are so crazy temporary and there’s a new age coming of love is seen, heard and felt first instead of hate.  Be encouraged friends and get ready to hear some great songs!

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