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Highlight & Thank You: Fundraising Success

  May was an exciting month for Beautiful Mess Ministries. Not only was the ministry in the thick of a spring tour, hosting nearly 10 concerts and worship nights, Beautiful Mess also successfully put on its first fundraiser. “A Night of Dessert and Vision” was hosted at the Sky Armory in downtown Syracuse. About 75 supporters […]

Minist(o)ries: Packing the Love

Throughout the month of May, Beautiful Mess Ministries hosted 9 different worship nights and concerts throughout the Northeast as part of a spring tour. Below, read a “mini-story” highlighting one of the ministries (minist(o)ries) that Beautiful Mess had the opportunity to  partner with. Through providing worship, BMM had the honor to be a part of […]

Missions Highlight: REFUGE night with Rescue Mission

On a Wednesday night early April, Beautiful Mess Ministries partnered with Syracuse Rescue Mission and held a worship night in the nonprofit’s chapel. The Rescue Mission is dedicated to changing lives in Syracuse — providing one hot meal, or one warm bed, at a time to individuals affected by homelessness. “Beyond meeting basic needs for food, […]

What if the church tithed?

Relevant Magazine published a captivating article in March, titled: “What Would Happen if the Church Tithed?” The answer the article went on to give is still boggling our minds since we, Beautiful Mess Ministries, came across the article nearly two months ago. Shockingly, at least to us, the article asserts that only 5 percent of […]

Be The Change: A day of music and mission in Syracuse

Be The Change is a day of music and mission in June which will offer people seven different service opportunities to partake in around the city of Syracuse.   The event is taking place “because there is a problem we’re trying to solve  –  there is a disconnect between the hurting world and a comfortable church […]

‘Songs are like therapy’: Shawn McDonald shares his newest project and musical process with Beautiful Mess

  Shawn McDonald is a popular contemporary Christian music artist who Beautiful Mess Ministries had the honor of touring with in December. Before the tour began, Shawn took some time to talk with Beautiful Mess about his newest project and the Christian music industry.   Although Shawn’s first album, “Simply Nothing,” debuted back in 2004, […]

The Power of Vulnerability

This video speaks to the power of vulnerability. Vulnerability is the core of shame, fear and struggle for worthiness — but it is also the birthplace of joy, creativity, belonging and love.   Some of the greatest turning points in your relationship with God might just happen when you get vulnerable with him. Vulnerability is hard, but being […]